Paiaudio MR3 IEM- simple set up - Rudi0504

Paiaudio MR3 - simple set up

Source :
XDuoo X2 Copper mod by Cypherus Audio Herry Wijaya
Amp :
Shozy Magic Amp
Iem :
Pai Audio MR3
Cable :
iC Tara Labs with Furutech Rhodium jack by Iwan Prasetiono
Sound Quality :
With this simple set up my Pai Audio MR3 sounds so good
If i change with better set up Mu Pai Audio MR 2 can follow tue sound quality from my set up
high :
Smooth with rich in detail and clarity
Mid :
Very sweet and has very good pronounce amd very clear mids.
Basa :
Very good bass detail and impact
Separation :
Very good
Soundstage :
Very wide and has very good depth too
Compared to my Pai Audio MR2 ,
MR 2
has faster speed has better clarity
Is very good for instrumental and orchestra
MR 3
mid is sweeter and more analog sound
Is very good for vocals


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