Another King Rudi traveling rig -rudi0504

My On The Go Set Up today

Source :
Iphone 6s
Cowon Plenue D

Dac Amp :
Centrance HiFi Skyn
Shozy Magic

Iem :
Heir 8

Earbuds :
No Name from Macau

Cable :
IC from my Hong Kong friend

Music :
Quiet Winter night

Sound Quality :
Cowon Plenue D is one of the best Daps for traveling
Small and has long life battery ca 80 Hours
Sound Quality is smooth open with rich of detail amd clarity.
Bass is very clean and has very good bass detail
Bass is not for Bass Head
For Audiopihile and jazz and classical music is very good
For better sound quality i use Shozy Dac Amp , i use the amp section only.
Make the sound more refine and wider soundstage and much better resolution
I would like to share my Favorite EQ setting on My Cowon Plenue D
Cowon Plenue D must use EQ to make sound very good
No EQ is like Food no salt


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