Best set up for Cypherus Black Edition - Rudi0504

Today finally i can find the best set up for Cypherus Black Edition

Source :
Ak 120 II silver Japan Edition
Amp :
Bakoon HDA 5520
Earbuds :
Cy Ax Black Edition

Cable :
Ak120II to Bakoon HDA 5520 i use :
Cx Ax RED 22 AWg solid copper
Cx Ax Blavk Edition to Bakoon HDA 5520 i use
Tweaking Cable Crystal Cable Reference Diamond 3 wires
To make more micro detail from the sourve and amp and to make better claritty and more focus from the individual instrument amd make cleaner background too.

Sound quality :
Cx Ax Black Edition need proper set up to make their max potential Sound Quality
Thats why with Bakoon sound awesome
And need good source and good Cable too
Better to say , you must find the best synergy with
Cx Ax
One you find like with my set up above you will hear
Vx Ax Black sound quality is not like from earbuds
It is really like headphone

High :
Now is more open and i can hear better micro detail, that i can not hear so clear before
The high rendering is excellent
Mid :
Very sweet clear mid and very good pronounce
Now the trumpet i can hear very clear until i can hear the breath from the Trumpet emding
Bass :
Now is very good in detail and impact and now the reproduction is very clean and fast bass

Separation :
I can hear better than before
Soundstage :
Very wide and has very good depth too

Back ground :
Very low noise Floor , that i can hear better micro detail
Bravo Herry Wijaya for your improvement after you hear our input

On pre production unit was:
Bass too Big and boomy
Less clarity
Now my1st Cx Sx black Sound Quality is awesome

As my second best Earbuds After CX Ax Golden reference
For detail and clarity Cx Ax is better than my Cx Ax golden reference
In fullness Sound and Bass impact and thicker mid my cx Ax still the best.


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