First Cypherus Ax Black Edition by Herry Wijaya - Rudi0504

First Cypherus Black Edition with me and i use as my On The Go Set up now

Source :
Iphone 6s USA Version

Dac/Amp :
Centrance HiFi Skyn

Music Player :
Relisten Beta 2.0 Tester as best music player for iphone and HiFi Skyn

Song :
Jazz At The Pawn Shop in WAV

Earbuds :
First Cypherus Ax Black Edition by Herry Wijaya

Sound Quality :
I can say woooww
This is really my second best Earbuds after
Cypherus Golden Reference

My short impression :
High :
Smooth clean and rich of micro detail and crystal clear
Mid :
Sweet and analog sounding mid and has a good pronounce
Bass :

Is kind of tube hybrid sounding bass, clear and good bass detail
Separation :
Good separation
Soundstage :
Second wider and taller with very good depth after My CY AX Golden Refernce
Congrats Herry your Earbuds come out getting better and better.


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