High end set up at home - Rudi0504

After work High end set up at home

Source :
iphone 5 s USA Version

Dac / amp :
VentureCraft Go-Dap DD limited Edition 12 Volt as
uSB / SPDIF only

Chord Dave :
as DAC connect to Go Dap DD LE 12 Volt
as Amp too

Headphone :
Enjgma Accoustic Dharma

Cable :
DIY. converter HD 800 male to 4 Pin Female for Stephan Audio Art Cable Endorphin

Cable :
My best Coaxial Cable from my home audio set up
Neuron 99 Digital Silencer from Nanotech Japan

Music Player :
Relisten Player
Song :
Estate ( Summer )
Susannah Mc Corkle
Album : Sabia

Sound Quality:
Awesome for headphone set up
The best sounding Set up for my Enigma Accoustic
Paired with Chord Dave
With better source it can follow the sound quality
From your source
So kind of high End sound quality in headphone set up.

I am waiting since year 2010, now my dream set up has come true.


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