Relisten app upcoming update - Rudi0504

I would like to say thank you to Alex from Neoduction for their new Beta Tester Relisten Player version 2.0

It can support Hi Res File up to 192 KHZ
It has a function to pair with Cozoy Aegis and Astrapi dac Amp
Source :
iPhone 6s
Dac / Amp :
Centrance SounDroid
Earbuds :
No Name Earbuds
Sound quality :
This Relisten Player Beta Version 2.0 has sound quality improvement compare to version 1.1
High :
Has better detail and clarity
High has Better presentation
Mid :
Is clearer and has better pronounced
Bass :
Has better Bass detail, speed and clarity
Has bette music separation
Soundstage :
Is wider and better depth and taller too
Now my Centrance Hifi Skyn + IPhone 6s sound clearer and has better black background
Sofar I'm term sound quality Relisten Playet Beta Version 2.0 is my Best Music Player for IPhone 6a alone and pair with Centrance HiFi Skyn.


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