Finding the best synergy for my Meze 99 Classic - rudi0504

My way to find the best synergy for my Meze 99 Classsic

Set up A
Source :
Ipad Mini 2nd Gen
Dac / Amp :
Aurender Flow
Cable :
CCK + Audio Quest Jitter Bug + Blue color stick USB to USB 3.0

Set Up B :
Lotoo Paw Gold

Set Up C :
Source :
Iphone 6 Plus
Dac / Amp :
Chord Mojo
Cable :
Micro USB to Lightning from East Europe

The ranking fro this 3 set ups are like above:
Set up A
Set up B
Set up C

From all set up the synergy is very important to make my Meze 99 Classic sound very good

For upcoming set up pair with Meze 99 Classic
I will use my
AKs Daps,
Sony Daps
And others amps what i have , to find best synergy for Meze 99 Classic


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