Fred Final Edition by Herry Wijaya Cypherus Audio - rudi0504

Fresh from the oven baked by Herry Wijaya Cypherus Audio

Source :
xDuoo X3 hand selected stock
Amp :
Palaios Wooden Amp
Earbuds :
QFred Final Edition

Sound Quality :
Out the box, I am speechless now
It has huge improvement compare the Prototype QFred.

High :
Crystal Clear and well extended and very good rendering
Mid :
Sweet and crystal Claar and very good pronounce
Bass :
Very good in detail and has very clean bass reproduction and very good speed
Separation :
Very good separation
I can say best separation i ever heard in Earbuds

Soundstage :
3 D soundstage like medium concert hall

Wow Bravo Herry Wijaya for your new QFred
I love it


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