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Two high end IEMs from Japan comparison review

Source: AK 240 SS
IEM: Kumikate Trio Sterling Silver.
CIEM: Fit Ear MH 335 DW SR with Wagnus Diamond Dust Enigma TRRS Balanced.

Fit Ear MH 335. DW SR
Is good and has rich of micro details.
And has great rendering ,but not as sparkle like Kumikate Trio .
Fit Ear High has more body and natural.
Is the strong point from MH 335 DW SR.
Has very good pronounce .
I love how the Piano sounds so natural and neutral.
Has very good Bass impact and the bass can go deep without any distortion.
Very good separation that i can hear the individual instrument placement very easy where they come from.
Very wide and has very good depth.

Kumikate Trio sterling silver:
Has more sparkle than the Fit Ear Mh 335 DE SR.
Overall has the same high quality and is rich in micro details.
Is not as thick from MH 335 DW SR.
Has great pronounce too.
Very good bass detail and great bass impact too.
But the bass can go as low as MH 335 DW SR.
Bass Quality both are excellent
Is very good about on par.
Kumikate Trio has slightly wider soundstage and less depth

These two Top Tier Japanese amp sound quality are about on par.
If you like a brighter sounding IEM then the Kumikate Trio is your choice.
It you like a natural sounding IEM then the Fit Ear Mh 334 DE SR is your choice.

Note :
Kumikate Trio fit is not as easy as Mh 335 DW SR custom IEM.

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