Sennheiser HD 800 with Chord DAVE - rudi0504

The First time i have paired my Sennheiser HD 800 with my Chord DAVE

Source :
AK 240 ss
DAC Amp ;
Chord DAVE
Headphone :
Sennheiser HD 800
Sound Quality :
With Chord DAVE my HD 800 sound awesome
High :
Has better rendering that the High sound very clean
And has more micro detail than before with my ither DAC
Like M2 TeCh and April Music
Mid :
Is sweeter and has better pronounce yet
Bass :
Has better detaill and better bass impact too
Before tye bass from My HD 800 can not go down so good like now
Separation :
I feel the separation improved a lott compare my previous DAC
Soundatage :
I feel more 3 D soundstage like big Concert Hall
So far i am very happy with my Chord DAVE


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