Fantastic IEM adapters TRRS and MMCX - rudi0504

I would liketo say thank you to Simon Yeo and Yong Kok Kee for their help to make:

adapter TRRS to 3.5 mm ViaBlue.
adapter MMCX to Fit Ear Plug.

They are great sound quality and workmanship
I can use my MMCX cable now with my Fit Ear CIEMs.

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  1. The only problem I have with hypershort adaptors is that big heavy plugs can put strain on the TRS jack. I really don't understand hypershort 2.5mm adaptors, as many 2.5mm female jacks are very weak.

    I'm having a hypershort 3.5mm TRRS to XLR made, but all the other adapters I'm having made with 4" cables and lightweight Oyaide plugs.

    Those Fit Ear adaptors are brilliant. Now if you could just get Fit Ear outside the far east...