Kingsound M03 Headphone amp, Stax SR 007 MK2 - rudi0504

5 years ago was only stax SRS 002 ( SR 002 + SRM 002 ).

And 3 years ago came out the same Amp SRM 002 with new In Earphone SR 002 MK2.

And this year 2016 Kingsound launched their new Portable Amp for Electrostatic and Current Amp in one small Casing M03.

Kingsound M03 is the first powerful Portable Amp for Electrostatic Headphones like Stax
And I can use for Dynamic Drivers or Planar Headphones too.

Sony ZX2
Kingsound M03
Stax SR 007 MK2
Crystal Cable Reference Diamond 3 Braided

Sound Quality:
At the moment Kingsound M03 as best Portable Electrostatic Amp to drive my Stax SR 007 MK II.
Now i can hear my Sr 007 MK II and SR 009 with Electrostatic Portable Amp Kingsound M03 anywhere.
Not only with my Stax SRM727 Mk II at Home.


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