This evening I use a simple portable set up

XDuoo X3 hand selected Unit
The Legendary RSA SR 71 A
Meze 99 Classic in Walnut Silver finish
IC Crystal Cable standard Reference

I can enjoy my Music : Erhu Silent Album

With this set up very much and feel relax and happy at home now

At home a simple set up on a rainy night

Source :
XDuoo X 3 hand selected Unit
Amp :
MH Audio HA 11
Earbuds :
PAI 3.14 PR1

Sound Quality :
PAI Audio PR1 is warm and analog sounding Earbuds with rich of detail
This Earbuds PAI 3.14. PR1 sound quality can follow your dap and amp sound quality
With amp this earbuds PAi 3.14 PR1 sound quality is fuller
I just wiped my AK 380 + Amp Copper with Polishing Cloth for Gold and Silver from Kapal Laut
I am very happy with the Result.

This polishing Cloth for Gold amd Silver made my AK 380 + Amp Copper very shining like new.

You can huy from Amazon or Ebay have many Brand from this Polisihing Cloth for Gold and Silver
It work very well for Copper and Brass too.

The First time i have paired my Sennheiser HD 800 with my Chord DAVE

Source :
AK 240 ss
DAC Amp ;
Chord DAVE
Headphone :
Sennheiser HD 800
Sound Quality :
With Chord DAVE my HD 800 sound awesome
High :
Has better rendering that the High sound very clean
And has more micro detail than before with my ither DAC
Like M2 TeCh and April Music
Mid :
Is sweeter and has better pronounce yet
Bass :
Has better detaill and better bass impact too
Before tye bass from My HD 800 can not go down so good like now
Separation :
I feel the separation improved a lott compare my previous DAC
Soundatage :
I feel more 3 D soundstage like big Concert Hall
So far i am very happy with my Chord DAVE

Happy Birthday Father of King Rudi and Head Pie Damon Blair
I wish You All The Best

The whole Rudi audio travel companion pack to Bali

Source :
Ak 120 II
XDuoo X3
Dac Amp :
Shozy Magic
Centrance HiFi Skyn
Iems :
AAW W500 With noctunal Audio
Echobox Finder
PAI Audio MR 3 with Wagnus Diamond Dust Enigma
Earbuds :
QFred by Herry Wijaya
Kazenoka yin yang prototype blue cable
Kazenoka yin yang final production black cable

New Release from UBSOUND

The Orchestra
Looks beautiful and good value for $24 USD
Available from today 24th of June at 24$ worldwide.

This is the link to UBSOUND post on their Facebook fanpage:

AAW W500 with after market cable Nocturnal Audio Acrux 8 Conductor Stranded Silver sound

Quality improvement is very good.

AK 100 II
Tube Amp Fostex HPV 1
AAW W 500
iC Crystal cable Standard Reference
IEM cable :
Nocturnal Audio Acrux 8 Conductor Stranded Silver sound quality

Sound Quality compared to stock cable
High :
Has better extension and clarity.
I hear now the cymbals have more volume and better micro details.
Is sweeter and clearer than stock cable
Has better pronounce
Has better detail and better Bass speed
And very clean bass too
Has better separation than stock cable
Soundstage :
More 3 D sound stage than stock cable
Now my AAW W500 sound fuller too

I would like to share work of art in IEM industry from Master Kazuhiro Oya Japan

And Congrats Alex Fan for your new Silver Plate MR3
Look so beautiful
I am so jealous hahaha
Silver faceplate
PAI 3.14 Audio MR-3
To Alex Fan
It was completed❣️

Right September 28 days of birthday flowers Tatarian aster 紫苑
Left Full moon in the night sky
π is the full moon in the pi
Right Pink gold plating
left Gold plating

Fresh from the oven baked by Herry Wijaya Cypherus Audio

Source :
xDuoo X3 hand selected stock
Amp :
Palaios Wooden Amp
Earbuds :
QFred Final Edition

Sound Quality :
Out the box, I am speechless now
It has huge improvement compare the Prototype QFred.

High :
Crystal Clear and well extended and very good rendering
Mid :
Sweet and crystal Claar and very good pronounce
Bass :
Very good in detail and has very clean bass reproduction and very good speed
Separation :
Very good separation
I can say best separation i ever heard in Earbuds

Soundstage :
3 D soundstage like medium concert hall

Wow Bravo Herry Wijaya for your new QFred
I love it

Thank you to Cyberdrive for giving Head Pie the Seiun Player for review

It took me a while to get around to writing this review. Cyberdrive promised to send me a box of products to test and review since meeting with them in December 2015 at the e-earphone festival, but they never arrived even after several emails. Finally seeing them again at the Fujiya-Avic show in April 2016 I reminded them of our promised mutual arrangement and a Seiun player was thrust into my hands to take away for review.

Including a little bit about the company and their indiegogo campaign for a new a DAP and amp.

The build is simple of hard plastic, it has a tiny screen that reminds me of a Sony player I purchased in the mid 2000s.
It has physical buttons that double up for various functions; home, volume, forward/back, record and navigating the menu.
A micro SD slot that supports up to 128GB micro SD cards (Do cards with higher storage work too - I don`t know).
A micro usb slot for charging.

*. Hi-Res Audio SOC
*. 192KHz/24bit APE/FLAC/WAV Audio Playback
*. Hi-Res Audio Recording WAV 192KHz/24bit
*. Micro USB Jack
*. 3.5mm Phone Jack
*. Mono Speaker 100mW
*. Display 128*32 OLED
*. Keys: On/Off/Rec, Vol+/-, Return, Skip+/-, OK
*. LEDs: Action/Charge/Voltage Indication
*. Battery: 500mAH, 12hrs playback



I tested it with the TOTL Campfire Audio Andromeda IEMs and the Shozy Zero IEMs to get a proper spread of the capability of this device.

Does it playback Hi-Res? Yes it does.
Can I get enough volume? Yes, I can.
Is there hiss? Very slight when music is not playing, I couldn`t detect it when the music was playing.
Does it have a low output impedance for IEMs? Yes, under 1 Ohm.
The sound with stock Cyberdrive earphones is basic, one needs mid to high end earphones to get the most out of this small and surprising player.

With Campfire Audio Andromeda:
It is quite listenable, has enough detail, good instrument separation and it possesses a decent depth.
Soundstage is adequate although not super wide. But wide enough.
It is neither warm nor airy. It seems to playback music fairly accurately.
Sometimes it feels like the low end gets a bit loose in places.
Treble is far reaching enough without over reaching getting sibilant.
The music and vocals appear fairly balanced.
At times it can come across as musical.

It does not approach other more costly daps in terms of features, detail and soundstage, but to my ears it gets very close. 

With the Shozy Zero IEMs:
Being less sensitive earphones the volume has dropped drastically and I had to turn it up, a handy warning sign popped up which I clicked past, but then clicked back as there was a slight distortion to the music (whether the player or earphones I dont know).
With the Shozy Zeros being a less expensive and single driver earphone the sound became more laid back.
Still very musical and an enjoyable listening experience.
Decent sound stage and instrument separation, A bit of a combination between warm and airy.

With the Meze Classic 99:
They seem to respond well to the Seiun player.
I think the Meze needs a bit more juice/amplifying to get their best result.
I could get a decent and acceptable volume but sensed the player was struggling at times.

What I heard was consistent with my earlier findings.

I tried to max out the volume to 32 to test out any limitations of the player The Doors `The end`.
The results were positive, good separation, low distortion, If any, nice and wide with good height and depth.

End notes: I may have to get some more hours on this player and see If it tightens up in the low end and extends in its soundstage.

The Seiun player is certainly down the more affordable end of device that can play Hi-Res.
At US$70:00 on the Cyberdrive and from US$80:00 on it is certainly within the price range of even the most wallet strapped audiophile.
It is quite a surprise for such a small and inexpensive device, but then this is also the age of add on tiny dac/amps such as the Cozoy Aegis and Dragonfly.

I found the Seiun player to be a pleasurable player to listen to.
Its below 1ohm output impedance makes it a great companion for multidriver IEMs.
It keeps playing music when the headphones are removed so be wary of battery wastage and turn it off properly. Although the music keeps playing out of the speaker so you do know.

Hiss can detected with no music playing. But it is not excessive.

In all quite a surprising device and I am interested in others opinions of the Seiun player.
It does require other earphones rather than the supplied Cyberdrive earphones to get the best results.

Cyberdrive plans to release a Seiun Plus (Kind of an ungraded version of the one reviewed today) thenSeiun Player pro and also Seiun Pro X. (See the indiegogo campaign).

Part me hoped to dislike it due to the repeated promises to send me Cyberdrive gear for review which never materialized, but in the end I think for its price it performs very well.

A budget player with great sound.

Thank you again to Cyberdrive for giving Head pie the Seiun Player for review