Simgot/Suzuka EN700 review

Thank you to Shenzhenaudio CN for sending us the EN700 for review


Packaging and build.

The earphones are made of a light weight metal. Housing: Aluminum and stainless steel.

The box is a nice size, not too big. It is just the right size for the included earphones and accessories.

Note: I did get identical cardboard but the tips are different.

The EN700 comes with a generous array of tips.
I prefer a longer nozzle on my earphones, the EN700 has a medium length nozzle, I was able to achieve a decent seal with the larger silicone tips.

Many people have commented on the striking look of the EN700 and have likened it to a mini HE1000.
I like it, it gives me thoughs of 1950s Americana and early science fiction images.

Cables are fixed and not detachable. 
There is a memory wire for added fit around the ears.

It comes with an attractive case. I just noticed now on the backside of the case is lettered `Salute to Art and Science` in a simple cursive script. A nice touch.


Product Name: SIMGOT EN700 In Ear Earphone
Type: In-ear
Brand:  SIMGOT
Model:  EN700
Impedance: 24Ω
Headphone sensitivity: 101 3 dB/mW
Frequency range: 15-25000Hz
Degree of distortion: <1% 101dB (20μpa)
Sound track difference: <1.5dB (at 1000Hz)
Power Rating: 10mW
Housing: Housing: Aluminum and stainless steel.
Conductor: 25 * 0.05mm silver-plated oxygen-free copper wire antibacterial TPU
Interface: 3.5mm
Cable Length: 1.2m 0.05m
Color: Silver
Whether with mic: No mic
Earphone plug type: Line type
Vibrating membrane: polymer composite diaphragm
Drive unit: 10mm ultra high magnetic composite dynamic unit


I could achieve a comfortable fit with the EN700 after trying out several sizes of tips and adjusting the memory wire in the cable.
The nozzle is of average length, but with some playing around I was able to get a satisfying seal.
The earphones are fairly light weight.
Due to the bulbous shape of the housings results may vary person to person.


At around US$100 the Simgot/Suzaku EN700 is well within the affordable range.

For cool looks alone it is worth it :)
Build is decent and the cable is strong and supple.
Sound scales up well with different sources.


As per usual I got some decent hours on the earphones before proceeding with the review.

I used the Opus#1 Dap, Centrance Hifi Skyn, ipod touch 6G and Shozy Zero Gold for testing.
The music I listened to was a wide range on shuffle to check the best points and limitations of the EN700.

I have found the EN700 to be fairly clear and even overall. The main focus seems to be the mids and vocals, then the treble, and lastly the bass. It appears quite neutral.

It is a $100 earphone and performs as such, but with that there is a pleasing aspect to it.

Bass: The bass is there, but is fairly narrowly presented. On occasion deep, but not in your face heavy.
Mids: Are clear and add a musicality to the presentation.  Crisp, smooth and lush. Not overly warm.
Treble: Has a good clarity. Adds a lightness and airiness to the presentation. No sibilance or harshness to the treble. 

Vocals: They come across as natural and are nicely matched to the music. Prominant, but neither too far forward nor recessed.

Sound stage: The sound stage is medium, but the separation of instruments makes up for this.
If I were to describe what I am hearing, the bass is in the middle of my head, the mids and treble reach the outside rim of my head and ears.

Instrument separation: This is done quite cleverly. The EN700 houses a large 10mm driver and it performs quite satisfactory. Quite musical, a bit of bleed in here and there but overall very enjoyable and laid back with decent details.

The Simgot/Suzaku EN700 is an affordable, beautiful looking earphone.

The sound quality scales up well with different sources. The better the player the better it sounded.

It is more treble and mid focussed than bass centered.
Whilst I have down played the bass, it is there, fast...but more closer to the neutral side of things.

The sound stage is medium, but acceptable and enjoyable due to the decent instrument separation.

It has a decent sized dynamic driver that helps it in overall performance.

The EN700 does not seem to distort at high volumes.

All in all the EN700 is an enjoyable and non fatiguing earphone. It tends towards the neutral side of things but has enough energy, separation and soundstage to be pleasing. 

It has honestly exceeded my expectations. Nice job.

Thank you to Shenzhenaudio CN for sending us the EN700 for review

Meze 99 Classic with Centrance hifi-skyn

 Meze 99 Classic review
(Silver walnut version)

The MEZE 99 Classics have been getting a lot of air time on the internet and various review sites and forums. Even the most hardened of reviewers have agreed that the Meze 99 Classic is a headphone for the ages, one to add to the revolving roster of headphones that they would use and listen to on a regular basis.

Unboxing and build

The Meze come in an appropriate sized box and comes with a solid traveling case.

The Meze 99 Classic comes with a short cable with a built in microphone and also a long cable. 
One for on the move with your choice of portable dap (four foot long) and a longer cable (Ten foot long) for relaxing at home.
Also included is an 6.3mm to 3.5mm adapter for your home system and an adapter for when traveling by airplane.

The nice hard cover case protects the Meze 99 Classic whilst on the move.
Its hard to see in this photo but there is also a soft round case for the cables.

The Meze 99 Classics fit me so well I did not even notice that the headband can be adjusted.
It does so by itself automatically. super design.


Transducer size: 40mm
Frequency response: 15Hz - 25KHz
Sensitivity: 103dB at 1KHz, 1mW
Impedance: 32Ohm
Rated input power: 30mW
Maximum input power: 50mW
Detachable Kevlar OFC cable
Plug: 3.5mm gold plated
Weight: 260 gr (9.2 ounces) without cables
Ear-cups: walnut wood

Exquisite build and solid well thought out design makes the Meze 99 Classic a headphone for the ages.
Each cable is marked with R and L, you can plug into either jack which makes set up easy and stress free.

Fully serviceable! The 99 Classic.

Nice reinforced Y cable split.


I find the fit to be very comfortable, they cover over my ears: circum-aural. This would not be the case for people with larger ears or ears that stick out I guess. But for me they slip right in there like a bug in a rug.

I think as usual with most headphones fit and comfortable is dependent on individual head and ear size.

Meze 99 Classic with Centrance Hifi-m8

At around US$300 the Meze 99 Classic comes in at the sub mid fi price tier.
But don`t let the price of the Meze 99 Classic fool you, they could easily up the price and still be within an acceptable asking price.

Well designed, simply beautiful.
Decent well sourced materials
Solid and functional build.
Replaceable parts.
Excellent sound.

Whats not to like?

Meze 99 Classic with the Opus#1 dap


First impressions were positive. The Meze 99 Classic comes across silky smooth and resolving with fabulous instrument placing and separation.

As usually I got a considerable number of hours on the 99 Classics before I started the review.
I tried them with the Opus#1 dap, Shozy Alien Gold, Centrance Hifi skyn and the Hifi-M8.

Vocals: Neither too forward nor recessed the vocals on the Meze 99 Classic hit the sweet spot for me.
Bass: A slight slow decay is present, but overall is fast enough to please with most music.
Mids: As with most woodies the mids play an important part in the overall presentation, not overly warm as such, more on the liquid side of things rather than a deep lushness. fairly neutral and dynamic with a quick decay.
Treble: It is clear and offers the detail one expects, it veers away from being extended to the point of harshness or sibilance and is pleasing to the ears. It reaches far enough for a good balance with the bass and the mids, each not over stepping their individual bounds.

Instrument separation: Good separation, not crisp as such with a slight smudging at times. Overall very good.
Sound stage: A decent soundstage that feels larger than my head, good instrument placement.

So many reviews have already been written on the Meze 99 Classic that the interested consumer now has many to read through to help them in choosing whether the 99 Classic is for them. They all seem to agree that it is a decent product.

If you are after a great sounding, well priced headphone with beautiful design then the Meze 99 Classic could be for you.

The Meze 99 Classic is a headphone I have enjoyed reviewing, comfortable to wear and pleasurable to listen to. It makes my task as a audio review hobbyist that much better when I am really happy to spend time with the product.

I find the fit to be very comfortable, they cover over my ears: circum-aural. This would not be the case for people with larger ears or ears that stick out I guess. But for me they slip right in there like a bug in a rug.

The sound is very relaxing, silky smooth with a softness to it and that ever present gorgeousness that I love so much when it comes to lush wooden headphones.

The pads seem to be made of pleather, I would like to see Meze change them to leather.

The Meze 99 Classic come in a maple or walnut wood, Head pie reviewed the walnut version.

The sound is quite balanced overall. The vocals just above the music and not too far forward, the bass is fast but with a slow decay at times, mids are prominent and fast but not over bearing nor muddy, the treble is clear without harshness or sibilance.

It is an easy to drive headphone and is powered adequately out of a smart phone. My ipod touch 6G was at 55% volume.

Using a dedicated Dap will yield the best results. I prefer a brighter source with the Walnut version.

The sound is a universal one. One I expect would appeal to most listeners as it treads the middle ground, no real emphasis on vocals, bass, mids nor treble but providing a suitable and enjoyable mix between them all whilst retaining that certain woodie signature.

Thank you again to Meze for sending Head pie the Meze 99 Classic headphones for review

Paiaudio MR1 review

The MR1 is the latest in the long of earphone products from Paiaudio. Head pie has a strong relationship with Paiaudio and have reviewed several of their products in the past.

DR1 - one driver in ear.
MR2 - Two driver IEM.
MR3 - Three driver IEM.
PR1 - earbud.

The Paiaudio audio series uses quality drivers to offer a great sound at an affordable price.

Build and what`s in the box?
The MR1 comes in a simple box with an array of tips and a shirt clip. Basic stuff. All you need really. No case though.

Solid metal and rubber construction. I do like how the rubber sleeves protect the cable at its most precarious - connected to the earphone.

The basic design of the MR1 brings to mind several other in ears on the market.
It is a one size fits all, just choose the right tips to get a decent seal and off you go.

The Paiaudio MR1 retails at an affordable US $60.
Good build and an entry level but acceptable sound makes it a good buy.


My daily in ears usually consist of US$1000 plus IEMs so its only fair to review the sound within the context of its price point.

As usual I let them burn in with shuffled music for around 100 hours before I begun the review.

I used the Opus#1 and Shozy Alien Daps for this review.

The Paiaudio MR1 has a basic sound and responds differently to various genres.

The MR1 suits more laid back music such as Norah Jones, The Smiths and Diana Krall etc rather than rock. This is where it really shines and the detail becomes more present, instruments more clearly separated, melodic with lush mids. The sound stage whilst medium is a faux spacious with softer music.

With general rock etc:
Soundstage is narrow to medium.
Separation of instruments is good, not much congestion.
Vocals are clear and slightly forward of the music.
Bass can be slow and with a long decay at times.
Mids are prominent and can get overly warm here and there.
Treble is present but not extended.

The Paiaudio MR1 is an affordable sub $100 earphone with an easy fit.

It suits more laid back music and is very enjoyable with said genres. It is melodic but not dynamic, more lush than energetic. Lots of mids. Good detail overall.

Due to its lack of sharp edges in the sound, it can come across a bit flat rather than sweeping sounds and engaging, but this lends itself to a non fatiguing experience.

The MR1 favors a more neutral or bright source.

If these are are your choices of music and experience then I think you would enjoy the MR1.

Thank you again to Paiaudio for sending the MR1 for review