On The Go set up with Kingsound Amp M03.

Sony ZX2
Kingsound M03
Cx Ax Q Fred
Crystal Cable Piccolo
QFred build for Mid Lover.

Best DAP / Amp plus Best Headphone play together as portable set up.

AK 380 Copper
AK 380 Amp Copper
Kingsound M03 electrostatic Amp
Stax SR 009.

So Far Kingsound M03 is best battery operated electrostatic Amp i ever heard.

It can drive my Stax SR 009 in great sound quality
It sounds like from a desktop Amp.

5 years ago was only stax SRS 002 ( SR 002 + SRM 002 ).

And 3 years ago came out the same Amp SRM 002 with new In Earphone SR 002 MK2.

And this year 2016 Kingsound launched their new Portable Amp for Electrostatic and Current Amp in one small Casing M03.

Kingsound M03 is the first powerful Portable Amp for Electrostatic Headphones like Stax
And I can use for Dynamic Drivers or Planar Headphones too.

Sony ZX2
Kingsound M03
Stax SR 007 MK2
Crystal Cable Reference Diamond 3 Braided

Sound Quality:
At the moment Kingsound M03 as best Portable Electrostatic Amp to drive my Stax SR 007 MK II.
Now i can hear my Sr 007 MK II and SR 009 with Electrostatic Portable Amp Kingsound M03 anywhere.
Not only with my Stax SRM727 Mk II at Home.

I would like to share out the Box Zenith PMX / Oppo PM2 Full Mod.

Thank you Sid Malhotra for helping me to buy Zenith PMX as BNOB.

AK 240 SS.

Mass KoBo 404.
Kingsound AM03 electrostatic/current Amp 2 in 1 unit.

Zenith PMX with Oppo Balance
XLR 4 Pin.

Crystal Cable Reference Diamond.
Crystal Cable Standard Reference.

New Portable DAP Opus#2 with Sabre ESS9018K2M * 2EA (Dual DAC)! Native DSD is supported!

Mini meet with Sid Malhotra from Singapore at Chill In Coffee STC Jakarta

VentureCraft Valog
Ak 240 ss
Ak 100 mk1
Ak 100 mk1 max mod by Herry Wijaya Cypherus
Onkyo DP X1
Sony ZX2
Questyle QP1 R Gold
Kingsound Electrostatic Amp M03
Shozy Magic
Kojo KM01
XDuoo X5
In Ear Speaker:
Stax Sr 003 mk 2
Fit Ear MH 334 
With Beat Audio Primadonna 8 braided flat
Zero Audio Duoza
Oriolus Mk2
Kazenoka Yim Yang
Aiwa rare item
LCD Sine
Audio Technica PRM 1000
HD 650 Hybrid with electrostatic high by Herry Wijaya
Our favorite set up:
Sony ZX2 + Shozy Magic> kojo KM01 > to any earbuds
Valog + King Sound Electrostatic portable Amp M03 > Sr 003 mk2