LEAR BTC-01 wireless earphone cable for IEMs unboxing. Two pin version. With Advancedacoustic Werkes W300

Today is Idul Adha Holiday in Indonesia.
I have the whole day my Free Time to hear Music.

And I have time to do review for my CEntrance DACport HD.

First of all I would like to say thank you to Michael Goodman from CEntrance for this CEntrance DACport HD review Unit.

For more product info please click the Link below:

The Plus Point:
It is compact size like USB Thumb Drive
It Is great for Traveling for hear Music from My Laptop with Audiophile Sound Quality.
It can Play Hi Res File too.
It has low and high gain switches for IEMs and full headphones.

Now is the Important Part is the Sound Quality:
IMac 27 Inch
Music Player:

Jazz At The Pawn Shop
Alisson Krauss
Carol Kidd
Chuck Magione
Audeze LCD X
Ultrasone Edition 8
Bayerdynamic T5p
Zenith PMX2
Campfred Golden Reference by Herry Wijaya as my Best Earbuds


Sound Quality:
Has great detail and clarity and has good high Rendering.
Has sweet Mid and has Great Pronounce and clear Mid
Has great Bass Detail and impact

It has better music separation compare to My IMac27Inch internal Sound Card.

Wide soundstage and great depth

Gain switch for low (IEMs) and high gain for large headphones.

CEntrance DACport HD is excellent DAC Amp for traveling using my NoteBook.
I can bring anywhere this CEntrance DACport.HD
It can drive all my Headphones above and many more.
And also my Best Earbuds Campfred Golden Reference And my IEMs: R2Pro.

It is a great CEntrance Audio Solution for Audiophile Traveler
And they have other Products too:
Such as the DACportable for portable devices like iphone, Android Phones, PC etc.

Nice manual volume wheel for accurate adjustments.

Minus only:
I can not use this CEntrance DACport HD with my Iphones and Ipad.

Sunday Night I have free time to do review from IEM Simgot EN700.

Last Month i have already shared my Open the box Thread on many Facebook pages.

Until now is already more than 150. Hours Burn In Time for my Simgot EN700

And I would like to say thank you To Johny from Shenzhenaudio CN
For sending to me his Review unit.

Simgot/Suzuka EN700 and CEntrance Hifi-Skyn

AK 100 Mk 2 Blue Japan Limited Edition.
Iphone 6 S Rose Gold USA Version
Dac / Amp:
Chord MoJo
Optical Cable DIY by Simon Yeo
Simgot EN700

Build Quality:
Excellent Build Quality for $ 100 USD IEM like 1K IEM.
The Housing is from Metal and many said like HiFiman E1000.
It pass great in my Ear and the Memory Cable help me to sit comfortable in my ears.

Sound Quality:
Out the Box was open and detail Sounding IEM
Great Mids
And The Bass is neutral
To make The Bass in better way i use EQ
On 60 Hz i increasse to + 3 dB
On 800 Hz i increase to + 2 dB
After Burn In about 150 Hours my Simgot EN700 open up the detail and clarity

For this review i used:
Set Up A:
Iphone 6 s + HiFi Skyn
Set Up B:
Ak 100 Mk 2 Blue Japan LE +
Chord Mojo

With Both Set Ups A and Set Up B
Has now better detail clarity
And has great rendering
Has great Pronounce and clear Mid

After use EQ has better Impact and faster Speed
And the Bass can low without any distortion.

This Simgot EN700 has Great music separation
Very wide and has great depth too.

For $100 USD Price Simgot EN700 is really awesome. IEM.
With using of eQ make the bass better than do not use eQ.
And make the SQ from Simgot EN 700 like IEM with the Price from $ 500 USD
Price and Performance

I would like to share out the Box my Small Package from Venture Electronic China.
First at All i would like to say thank you to Wild Lee for the review unit his latest Monk+ in Black Piano Lacquer finish.

Out the Box sound quality:
Sony ZX2
Pre Amp:
Shozy Magic Dac Amp
Fostex HP V1
VE Monk+ latest Edition in Black Piano lacquer finish
This new Monk+ In Black Piano Lacquer Finish sound as open and. Detail sounding Earbuds
With my Set up above sound so great and cost only $5 USD

I have done the comparison between 2 High end Daps
AK 240SS vs Sony ZX2

AK 240 SS
Sony ZX2

Pre Amp:
Fostex HP V1 tube Amp

Kingsound M03

Meze 99 Classic
Zenith PM X2

Siltech IC by Herry Wijaya
Crystal Cable Standard Reference
Mogami Japan Blue Studio Recording quality by NN Hong Kong friend.

Sound Quality:
With additional Fostex HP V1 as Pre Amp make the Sound Quality more detail and Clarity
Between 2 high end daps
Sony ZX2 vs AK 240 SS
AK 240 SS has better resolution than Sony ZX 2,

Ak 240 SS
Has better clarity and detail and has better rendering compare to Sony ZX2
AK 240 SS
Has more focus mid and clarity
And has better pronounce compare to Sony ZX2
AK 240 SS
Has better detail and clarity and has better Bass impact and the Bass can go deeper compare Sony ZX2

AK 240 SS has better separation
That the individual instrument i can hear better compare ftom Sony ZX2
Ak 240 SS has very wide, taller and better depth as well.

My traveling set up at Changi airport
AK 100 II
Kingsound M03
PAI Audio Shenzhen MR01
Sound Quality:
Kingsound M03 has big Power for BA drivers is hissing.
But sound quality is really great
Battery life is more than 20 Hours