Bed time set up with Meze 11 Neo
AK100 Mk1 FAD Japan Edition
IBasso Hibino D 12 Hj Japan Edition
Meze 11 Neo with Spinfit JDM
Optical Cable Sys Concept Canada 2,2 mm
Sound Quality:
Meze 11 Neo pair with this set up sounds fantastic

Simple On The Go Set Up
Onkyo DP1X
PAI Audio MR 1
Sound Quality:
Onkyo DP1X pair with PAI Audio MR 1 has great synergy.

Today simple set up at my Office
Onkyo DPX1
With new Onkyo Music Player Fw 1.4.0
Etymotic ER 4 B
Sound Quality:
ER 4 B is IEM legendary from Etymotic
Pair with Onkyo DPX1 sound great
Compare to all ER 4 S,P,PT
ER 4 B is rare item and the best in term of Detail and Clarity and deep clean Bass

Work of Art in Portable Audio World
These two are my best looking set up
AK 380 Copper made in Korea
AK 380 Amp Copper
Kumikate Trio Silver Sterling made in Japan

Zubin Mehta
Wiener Philharmoniker
Mahler symphony Nr2

This set up is high end set up in Portable Audio.
I can not imagine 10 Years ago that portable set up can sound so excellent.
So far AK 380+AK 380 Amp pair with Kumikate Trio silver sterling has great synergy.

If you maintain your Copper and Silver and Brass Material very carefully.
They shine like new open the box i i use only
Jewellery Cloth so far so great.

AK XB10 can drive my Sennheiser HD 800 in great Sound Quality
AK 120 II
Ipad Mini Gen 2
Bluetooth amp:
AK XB 10
Sound Quality:
With AK 120 II
Has good Sound Quality, but the Power is not enough to drive HD 800 in proper condition
With Ipad Mini Gen2:
XB10 can drive my HD 800 in great sound quality
For so kind Bluetooth amp is really amazing
With bigger output power like ipad. Or ipad mini can make XB10 sound better with proper power from so small Bluetooth amp.

At Office set up
Sony ZX1
Sony ZX2
MH Audio HA-11 Japan
Unique Melody Miracle from year 2011
With Nocturnal 8 Braided

Sound Quality:
UM Miracle with this set up sound great

After cleaning my first custom IEM Unique Melody Miracle from year 2011
Tonight i replaced the stock cable with Nocturnal Audio 8 braided.

Source :
AK 120 II Silver Japan edition
Unique Melody Miracle with
Nocturnal 8 Braided

Sound Quality:
It sound still great this UM Miracle with Nocturnal Cable.

Advanced M4 review

Whats in the box?

The M4 earphones and a hard shell carrying case.

A healthy selection of tips is supplied

M4 with splitter visible

M4 inline remote

M4 shirt clip.


The metal earphones themselves seem fairly robust as would be expected.

Strain relief at the earphones shell seems strong.

The cable itself is twisted (not braided) and resembles a custom cable style slightly.
Cable seems supple enough, although quite hard.
Mine had kinks in it due to the way it was packaged, but started to even out after a bit. 
(Better to coil the cables in a circle, rather than with a tie in the middle).

Gold plated jack.
Below is a hard rubber splitter, the type we see on many cables. seems sturdy.
No neck/chin slider though.

A simple inline microphone for answering phone calls etc.


Driver UnitCustom Tuned Single Dynamic Drivers
Impedance16 Ohm+/-15%
Sensitivity92dB+/-3dB at 1kHz
Frequency Response20Hz – 20kHz
Rated Power Input1mW
Max. Input Power5mW
Cord length1.36M
Plug3.5mm Gold Plated

The frequency seems different on innerfidelity and veers more towards the bassy side of things,

Innerfidelity measurements


I tested the M4 after 100 hours of burn in.

I used the Opus#1 Dap in my listening, FLAC tracks.

The Advanced M4 is a sub $100 earphone which comes across as an airy and pleasant earphone, has enough bass to satisfy. It can go quite deep on some tracks.

The sound stage is medium, which seems larger due to the highs and the exquisite instrument separation.

Vocals are centered within the front of ones skull and are generally smooth and well defined.

Good height, medium width.

Still confused as to why the frequency charts are so different.


At around US$40 -$100 ($40 0n their website) the M4 comes in at the sub $100 bracket.
Many earphones of varying quality reside within this price range.

It seems of good value with a clear sound, good detail and a wide range.


The M4 is an earphone which would suit commuters on the go.
Its low price and sturdy cable useful in such situations, its online microphone handy for answering calls on the move.

Easy fit and insertion and a wide range of tips to choose from.

The graph shows a bass roll off, but this isn`t terribly noticeable, and is more in the sub bass region.
When in fact I suspect this earphone is more in line with innerfidelitys tests which make it a more bassy earphone, with a slight v shape towards the upper mids.
But it is a bit difficult to pinpoint whilst listening which is the more accurate frequency table - although I would generally go for innerfidelity and their track record.

As the price on their website shows it marked down to $40 from $100 it begs the question. 
Is this a $40 dollar earphone or a $100 one?

Many have remarked online that the M4 resembles an earlier earphone Wi-Micro (US$189-$284), Advanced have assured me they are different earphones with a different shape, price and specifications.

Having a clear sound, with decent clarity and a slight v shape they are easy to listen to.

As it stands the unit I have has great detail retrieval, smooth sound, easy highs, enough bass to satisfy - (but it is not a bassy earphone as such), decent sound stage and a generally fast response with and overall airiness.

 Thank you to Advanced for sending us the M4 for review

Campfire Audio Vega unboxing

Vacuum sealed within plastic wrap the smaller sized box packs a punch inside.

A gorgeous leather case for transporting your new precious earphones.

Each earphone comes within a small red pouch to prevent scratches whilst in transit.

Below: We see the Vega uncltohed in all their beauty.

Sturdy well crafted MMCX connectors.

The Campfire Audio earphones come with the 4 wire Litz cable. No need for an upgrade.

Vega, Dorado (longer nozzle) and Lyra II

 Thank you to Campfire Audio for sending Head pie the Vega for review