For the more technical amongst you (not me)



I did a quick bit of testing today. rather superficial but one needs to feed the beasts!


I used a Logitech SPL meter app on my ipod touch to try to match the volumes somewhat.

I used the stock foam tips on both.

Litz cable.


Using the Opus#1 Dap.


CA Vega


Deep full bass.

Sub bass has medium decay, upper bass fast decay.

Vocals are just a little ahead of the music.

3D, not holographic.

very large soundstage.

Nice soft mids, lingering.

Great detail.

More width than height.

spacey, airy.

Clear, clarity.

Not linear or flat, but even.


CA Andromeda


Softer bass than Vega.

Fast sub bass decay, upper bass is also fast.

Vocals more forward.


large sound stage.

Great width and heght.

Lush mids.


very wide.

Full, wall of detailed, separated sound.



Shozy Alien Gold




Light, airy.

Very even (but not boring flat).

Deep full bass (but not basshead bassy).

Nice soft treble.

Well balanced smooth sound.


Accurate vocals.

needs less volume than the Andromeda.





Interesting lows and peaks.

Great bass, not overpowering.

Nice soft treble, but sparkly and extended.


The five drivers are well tuned and balanced.

Accurate vocals.

More sensitive (louder).



Hifiman MegaMini




Light, airy.



Deep full bass, but clear and concise.




More even, but still more fuller and with excellent separation.

Great soaring highs.


*Couldn`t get a good reading , Andromeda handled it well.



CEntrance hifi-Skyn







Plug in and forget/enjoy.

Good details.




Full sound.

Medium to deep bass.

light soft highs.

Excellent vocals.

Great sound stage.


Deeper fuller sound.



Thats a brief picture. Not wholly accurate due to life time constraints, but oh well. It paints a picture.


I will go Dorado Vs Jupiter next.

Then Lyra II vs Nova.


And finally Vega, Dorado and Lyra II



Campfire Audio Lyra II unboxing

The Lyra II comes in a nice little box, a nice change from some of the unnecessary bloated packaging I find some of todays IEMs are packed into it. Shrink plastic wrapped for safety and freshness.

Inside you will find a beautiful black leather case.

A noithe metal whilst being transported to its new owner and home.

The Lyra II comes with the excellent sounding 4 wire Litz cable we find on other products by Campfire Audio. Strong and supple.

Decently strong and sturdy MMCX connectors, a screen to protect the inside of the earphones.

Gold plated jack.

Compared below to the Dorado another in the new line up by Campfire Audio.

And also we see the Vega below which has the same foot print as the Lyra II.

Thank you to Campfire Audio for sending Head pie the Lyra II for review

Ubsound Orchestra review

I would first like to say thank you to the ubsound CEO Marzio Gasparro for this review unit.

Information and specs from the ubsound website:

`In-ear earphones for smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, DAP, DAC, portable gaming consoles, computers and any audio device with a standard 3,5mm jack.

Maximum sound isolation and high quality performance playback.
Microphone for hands free calls with a single button to answer and hang up which can also be used to play and pause music.
Fully ergonomic design with “around the ear” wearability. 1,2m tangle free wire.
High tech, lightweight, professional quality materials for maximum fidelity sound in any condition.
Full and round Bass. Rich and warm Mids. Clear and melodic Highs.`

3 pairs of ear tips included: S, M, L size.
Velvet felt pouch included.
User guide included.
High performance 10mm independent dynamic drivers HD.
Sensitivity: 115dB/mW.
Frequency response: 15-21.000Hz.
Impedance: 16Ω.
Maximum distortion <0,2%.

After burning in for around 150 hours, I decided it was a good time write a review for the ubsound Orchestra.

Build Quality:
The orchestra is constructed from plastic.
 It fits very comfortably in my ears.
I can even use it at night time in bed, and there is minimal discomfort If I fall asleep.

Out the Box Sound Quality:
At first it was warm and had a large low end/bass and was a bit congested.

After 150 Hours Burn In Sound Quality:
The Orchestra opened up and now has better clarity and detail.
It is fuller and has better pronounce.
Is big in impact, like it was when it was straight out the box.
For some the music could be too big and boomy.
Is good.
Is not so wide but has better depth.

I have paired ubsound Orchestra with many different audio set ups as follows:

Set Up A:
Onkyo DPX1
MH Audio HA11
Wagnus Ice Sword.

Set Up B:
Iphone 6s Rose Gold USA Version
CEntrance HiFi Skyn.

Set Up C:
XDuoo X3 hand selected unit
Set Up D:
AK 240 SS.

Set Up E:
AK 100 Mk2 Blue LE Japan
Chord Mojo.

Set Up F:
AK 100. Mk1 FAD Japan
IBasso Hibino D 12 HJ Japan.

From set up A to E... I would like to share what I think is the best synergy set up with the ubsound Orchestra, as follows:
1.Set Up F
2.Set Up E
3.Set Up C
4.Set Up D
5.Set Up B
6.Set Up A

I made use of many different audio set ups to find synergy and also to eliminate the big bass sound from the ubsound Orchestra earphones.

The ubsound Orchestra is good for pop and rock music.
It is not so good for Jazz and acoustic music and classical music.

For the Price $24 USD at Amazon USA is good for value and performance.

Thank you again to ubsound for providing me with a review sample of the ubsound Orchestra